Plastic, Plastic Everywhere! What it’s doing and what You Can Do To Help

Take a look around you right now (go on, do it) and notice all the things made of plastic. There are a lot, right? Plastic is everywhere. From packaging, to cosmetics, to stationary, to containers, the list goes on and on. Since it’s popularisation in the 1940s, plastic has been widely used due to its versatile nature; it can be moulded into pretty much anything. But what is it doing? Continue reading

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


Artwork by my very talented friend Claudia x

In 5 days time I will be on a (very large) plane to the other side of the world; to live, study and travel in a country thousands of miles away from home..for half a year.

A few months ago I was offered a place to study psychology at an Australian University for a semester. What an awesome opportunity! How could I possibly say no!? Australia is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, so actually being able to live there is beyond exciting!! Continue reading

A healthier, happier start to the New Year

With 2018 in very close sight, it’s currently that time of year where we frantically Healthy Life wooden sign with a beach on backgroundcome up with New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions we claim we will religiously stick to and that will kick-start the year into the new improved version of our life we so desperately desire. The version where we hit the gym every day to burn off that Christmas meal we’re still full from, or go dry for January to make up for perhaps one too many G&T’s…or large glasses of wine, beer, baileys, port…whatever your drink of choice is over Christmas (maybe all of the above..!?)

Continue reading